SeniorNet is a non-profit organization that provides technology education and resources to seniors. The organization was founded in 1986 and has since been dedicated to empowering seniors to learn and use technology to enhance their lives. The website,, serves as the online hub for the organization, offering information on its mission, programs, and resources.

The website provides information on the various technology classes and workshops offered by SeniorNet, as well as online learning resources such as tutorials and articles. Visitors can also access information on the organization’s history, its leadership team, and opportunities for volunteering or donating.

One of the key features of the website is the SeniorNet Learning Center, which offers a wide range of courses and resources for seniors looking to improve their technology skills. Courses cover topics such as computer basics, internet safety, digital photography, and more. The website also provides a community section where members can connect with one another, participate in discussion forums, and access additional resources.

Overall, serves as a comprehensive resource for seniors looking to enhance their technology skills and stay connected in a rapidly changing digital world. The website offers a supportive and engaging community, and its mission of empowering seniors through technology education aligns with the organization’s goal of helping seniors lead fulfilling and productive lives.

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