is a comprehensive website that offers information and resources for retirees, seniors, and those looking to downsize their living space. The site provides a database of over 10,000 active adult communities in the United States, allowing users to search for communities based on location, lifestyle, amenities, and budget. The website also features articles, videos, and a blog section that covers topics such as lifestyle tips, health and wellness, and finance.

One unique feature of is its virtual tour section, which allows users to explore different communities and their amenities, floor plans, and surroundings through 360-degree virtual tours. The site also provides a “Rental Finder” section, which helps those looking for rental homes in active adult communities to find a suitable place to live. Additionally, the website has a directory of local service providers such as real estate agents, contractors, and home services.

Overall, provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for seniors and retirees to find information and resources related to active adult living. Its virtual tours and rental finder make it a unique and valuable resource for those looking to transition into a more relaxed and active lifestyle.

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